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About...Expressions Of Color

A seamstress and designer for many years, Jean began to gravitate toward the dollmaking process in 1993, beginning with simple fabric dolls. She attended many doll shows that featured work from various doll artists and this inspired her to begin making the more detailed, soft sculptured doll. She began Expressions Of Color began in 1997 with the more elaborate soft sculptured cloth dolls.  In 2006, Jean discovered the world of gourd crafting and began creating mixed media gourd dolls, and other forms of gourd art, such as nativity scenes and holiday gifts and accessories.  Gourds have allowed Jean’s creativity to flourish by using conventional and unconventional techniques.


Artist Statement

"I create mixed media gourd sculptures because of the artistic satisfaction in taking these beautiful vessels of natures and combining them with other natural and found objects. Each gourd has its own characteristics; each piece has its own story to tell. Fabric choices of batiks, mudcloth, leather, suede and burlap add to the natural element. Through carving, woodburning, and the use of dyes and paints, my work is given life."

Jean Henderson

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